Gumelem Ethnic Carnival 2016

YDXJ0051The ceramics

  • Location

Gumelem Wetan, Banjarnegara, Central Java Province – Indonesia.

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The night before, my blogger friend called me to inform there is a great event in my city called Gumelem Ethnic Carnival. I thought twice to decided it because I had a plan. Because this is annual event so I choose it, I won’t miss it ! Before we went Gumelem I asked him to visit Klampok to see the process of making ceramics.

YDXJ0043Workers do quality check Continue reading

Sensation on Serayu River

ig.serayurafting (123)Fighting scene 😀

  • Location

Jujugan Serayu – Jalan Banjarnegara Km 15, Desa Randegan, Kecamatan Sigaluh, Banjarnegara, Jawa Tengah 53481, Indonesia

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ig.serayurafting (56)Team game

It was my second time having a rafting and that time I went there with my office friends. I came early at 06.30 a.m and I was the first person who came to office. We got a cars to pick us to the start point on Jujugan Serayu. Jujugan Serayu has longer track than my first time, maybe about 15 minutes different time. I was on second boat with Bonick, Alan, Ersia (she was having a birthday) and Iza. Continue reading