Dieng ft. Sandflug : das Paradies


The savannah

  •  Location

Dieng, Banjarnegara – Central Java

  •  The Story

Matthias arrived in Banjarnegara on Saturday then he stayed in my home. The journey started the next day. We went to Dieng early morning then we arrived at 8.00 AM. First place we visited is the sight tower then we continued to Dieng Plateau. I parked my motorcycle then we visit the temple called Candi Arjuna. Continue reading

Dieng : It was like a “home”


  • Location

Karangtengah, Dieng, Banjarnegara – Central Java.

  • Story of the event

It was an Rover Scout’s event from my high school and I just invited by them to attend as guest because I’m the alumni. I went there in Saturday afternoon.

  • The Journey

In the rainy afternoon, I rode my motocycle heading to Dieng. I rode alone through the rain and cold wind. The way was not Continue reading

Dringo : Highest Lake in Dieng

PANO_20140907_070131  Dringo Lake – 2014

  • Location

Dringo – 2.222 meters above sea level.

Batur, Banjarnegara – Central Java – Indonesia.

  • The Team

Ahmad, Elang, Bagus, and myself.

  • Story of Dringo

Dringo is former of volcanoes in 1786 which is a dry crater and rise some spring around it. The name picked up from the plants called Dringo which grow up there naturally. Motorcycle can reach it hardly Continue reading