YDXJ0433The main building

  • Location

Bosscha Observatory – Peneropong Bintang, Lembang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40391

  • The story

A man sat down by a cat early morning, when the sun was still hiding and the moon set to disappear. The man was me. I arrived in Bandung at 3 AM to meet my friend and also visited some places. Bosscha was my first place to visit. If you’re Indonesian who born in 90’s you must familiar with this place because of Petualangan Sherina movie.

YDXJ0426The multimedia room and shop

YDXJ0434Permit to visit the observatory

YDXJ0432The cat slept because the temperature was so relaxing

YDXJ0439Visitors were waiting in the front

I prepared all things and ready at 7 AM then waited my friend, Rina who would picked me up and accompanied me whole day. She came and I drive the motorcycle. Bosscha located in Lembang, which is touristic place in Bandung. I came on Saturday because Bosscha only can visited by people on that day, another days only for special visit. Google maps helped us to get Bosscha. We arrived and then went to the office to register ourselves. It was closed so we need to wait almost 30 minutes. After got the paper (something like ticket) we walked to main building and that day, many people came there. When the door opened, people started fill the building and set themselves on best position. An officer described all things about the building and also the huge telescope. He is humorous person so we were not feeling bored during the tour. He explained the history of the Bosscha, how it works, also he demonstrated how to open the roof. Some people asked him about space, star, and of course the huge telescope.

YDXJ0442The man operated the Zeiss Double Refractor

YDXJ0443The man with a brown hat asked about the telescope

YDXJ0445The floor lifted up so the man can easily operate the telescope

YDXJ0456The sky opened

We had done with the main building so went to the multimedia room. A lady officer explain more specified things here and most of them were about space. The chairs were full so some visitors were waiting on outside. Before we left I went to shop to buy souvenirs. The shop provides many souvenirs about Bosscha and they were lovely but I fell to sticker and key chain. How about the prices? The prices were friendly enough. Rp 2.500 for sticker and around Rp 15.000 (I forget this one) for key chain. Rina didn’t bought anything. My dream fulfilled that day. I hope can visit it again in another time because it’s worth place to visit and get knowledge.

YDXJ0460The lady explained about the size of earth and solar

YDXJ0465Is it a house? yes, It is but not a human house. The house of mini-telescope.