YDXJ0335Seiya in action

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Gumuk Pasir, Parangtritis, Kec. Kretek, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55772

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Earlier day : Ancient Temples

YDXJ0316Peaceful beach

YDXJ0322Seiya was standing on the beach checked his camera

Feb19 Borob and Pram_170518_0025Seiya took a selfie photo. Haha pardon my face

It was my last day in Yogyakarta to accompany Seiya. Our last spot to visit was the beach ! Seiya heard about sandbording and he was very excited because Seiya has a skill on snowboarding and curious to try something different. We went to south by motorcycle in the morning. I never go there before and as usually Google maps helped us so much. The signs wasn’t clear and made us confuse, sometimes we stopped to see the map and took a shortcut. Unlucky for us, we arrived too fast and the sandboarding wasn’t ready yet so we decided to visit the beach nearby. The beach was so quite, the sand has dark color and the wind was peaceful.  We played on the beach with the wave and saw some crabs hiding inside the holes in the sand and ran quickly when we tried to catch them.

Feb19 Borob and Pram_170518_0021My turn !

YDXJ0337He did it nicely

YDXJ0338Landed safely haha

We went back to Gumuk Pasir, the place where we can play sandboarding. We paid Rp 75.000 for using the board and they gave us a candle. The candle has function to cover the bottom surface from the sand so we can also moving fast. It’s not a big sand as you can see on the photos but it’s worth to try. First 3 attempts of mine was unsuccessful. Seiya gave me some advices for this sport and then I did it well. Seiya looks like a professional, he surfed very well. Gumuk Pasir also has spots to take photos and those are quite popular for teenagers. Don’t forget to bring a hat to cover your head because it’s really hot !

Feb19 Borob and Pram_170518_0035“Oasis”

We went to another beach and back to Bunk & Bed Hostel. We sat down on the chair and just spent the time talking anything before I left him and went back to my city. It was great to meet another traveler and know much fresh and new information from him. I hope one day I can visit him and play snowboarding in Japan !