Feb19 Borob and Pram_170518_0014Borobudur stair

  • Location
  1. Borobudur Temple –  Jl. Badrawati, Borobudur, Magelang, Jawa Tengah
  2. Prambanan Temple – Bokoharjo, Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta
  •  The Story

Feb19 Borob and Pram_170518_0011Selfie in the front of Borobudur

Feb19 Borob and Pram_170518_0012On the top !

DCIM\101MEDIAGetting darker

On that day I had a plan to visit two greatest temples in Indonesia with my friend, Seiya from Japan which is had arrived in Yogyakarta earlier. We met on Bunk Bed and Breakfast Hostel in the morning then started driving to Borobudur. I drove my motorcycle about 30 minutes to get on Borobudur and left it on parking area. Borobudur is on Magelang city (perhaps many of you think that Borobudur is a part of Yogyakarta, so I tell you that’s totally wrong). We explored the Borobudur and also met a monk. That was quite crowded, many students came to Borobudur during their study trip. Many of them asked Seiya to take a photo and he took photos with them. The weather was quite good but also hot. We went down and go to the hill and got a good view on the top. During the walk we talked many things like football, sports, and culture. Museum was the next place we went and watched a movie about The Erpution of Merapi Mountain. Before we left Magelang city we went to food court near Mendut Temple, we ate Kupat Tahu, a delicious food from Magelang. We took a walk around the area after ate and went to the next temple, Prambanan !

DCIM\101MEDIAVisiting Prambanan in the afternoon

DCIM\101MEDIASeiya took a photo with his (fake) GoPro 😛

DCIM\101MEDIAA guide book about Indonesia from Japan !

DCIM\101MEDIATrapped, rain was so intense

Prambanan lies on the east of Yogyakarta. We headed there after Borobudur but the sky looked dark there. Luckily we already brought umbrellas because rain came every afternoon. When we gotta enter this temple the rain felt and many people rent an umbrella but not for us. This was the first time I go to temple when it was rain. The rain went worse, we decided to go inside the temple and wait for the rain. We met 2 girls from another place in Indonesia. They had a holiday there but they can’t speak English. After they went off, come another girl from Australia and Seiya took a photo with her (that was a lucky haha). The rain didn’t stop fall and we finished the day earlier. Before we back to hostel, we ate something nice called Satay (sate – Indonesia). We ended that day, took a rest and prepared for the next day.

Feb19 Borob and Pram_170518_0003Do a selfie on the rain