YDXJ0246Unique Lamp

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Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, Jl. Rotowijayan Blok No. 1, Panembahan, Kraton, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • The story

YDXJ0240Peoples are waiting the performance

YDXJ0243Inside Kraton

Early morning I when the sun still slept, I took my motorcycle through the cold wind to go to Yogyakarta. I want to meet Ana, a great woman from Siantar but curently on study in Yogyakarta. 8.30 AM I arrived in Yogyakarta and tried figure his location out. After 30 minutes waiting finally got her, we went to Kraton because our first plan to Museum Affandi was canceled because of lack information. I parked my motorcycle and stepped to entrence gate. In the middle of the way I forgot to take my key from motorcycle. I ran back and finally got it. It was my fault, sorry to Ana for waiting. This place was crowded on Sunday. Lots of tourists came and so did we.

YDXJ0249Kind of ancient jars

DCIM\101MEDIAAna took this lovely picture

As normal tourists, we walked around and had sight seeing around the Kraton. The dance performance stopped us. We sat and started conversation about anything we want. It was really pleasure to having a great time with her. On the mid-day we went to Warung SS to get some food for lunch, Ana recomended it because it’s cheap but we need to wait because the place was so crowded. Again, we had a warm conversation. I came back to my city then. See you Ana, hopefully to having a time with you again.

DCIM\101MEDIAWe took photo togother 🙂

YDXJ0256The mens are dancing

YDXJ0270Waiting list on Warung SS