• Location

Jl. Raya Owabong No.1, Bojongsari, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah 53362

  • The Story

I was canceled my plan and bored at home. Before I slept, I opened my smartphone to look something, but somehow it gave me idea to swim. It had been so long since my last swimming. I made a plan to go to swimming pool next day.

YDXJ0194Sunny day

YDXJ0198Some kids took a selfie behind the tree

The morning was coming with a lovely sun. It was great time to swim. I went to Owabong, a popular pool but it’s not in my city but lays in Purbalingga, the next city of mine. The entrance fee was Rp 20.000 and yes, that’s expensive haha. It was bit quite in the morning. I can swim freely. It has many facilities and pools. We can try a huge slides, water games, and many more. It also has olympic pool, kids pool, river, and more. If you want to stay more than a day, the guard will ask you to stay in the hotel and the unique is we can see an airplane landed on the ground near the olympic pool. Tbh that’s strange.

YDXJ0205Captain, we landed safely

YDXJ0209Olympic pool

It was holiday and I stopped swimming by 10.00 am because people started coming more and more than before and I took my towel to ended up my time. On the little street to exit we can see some kind of birds and some of them are adorable. I hope I have more time to try another facilities but the pools were so crowded. It’s good place for swimming and everybody knows it.

YDXJ0210A huge slides, the iconic place

YDXJ0215The kids were playing ball