YDXJ0051The ceramics

  • Location

Gumelem Wetan, Banjarnegara, Central Java Province – Indonesia.

  • The Story

The night before, my blogger friend called me to inform there is a great event in my city called Gumelem Ethnic Carnival. I thought twice to decided it because I had a plan. Because this is annual event so I choose it, I won’t miss it ! Before we went Gumelem I asked him to visit Klampok to see the process of making ceramics.

YDXJ0043Workers do quality check

YDXJ0044The pnik lady is the owner

YDXJ0058The man concentrated with the shape

Early morning we arrived on Keramik Mustika to see the process. The owner was pleasured to having us visiting her place. Hendi told a lot with the owner while I took some videos. This place is the oldest ceramic factory in my city and so popular here. The building separated into 3 room. First room we entered is final processing. Worker sublimate the ceramic here also do final checking. The second room is the place for cleaning the dust before they do oven, after the soil has a form. The last is the place for making the soil onto a good form also for heat the soil up.

YDXJ0068Traditional dance perform

YDXJ0105Another art performers

YDXJ0079The tourism ambassadors of Banjarnegara joined this event

The clock showed us that we need to leave and continue our step to Gumelem. First thing of this event was fashion expo. Some of locals joined the expo using Batik Gumelem as their uniform and walking on the red carpet. Some students also did traditional dancing. The rain came but I had prepared all things. I put my umbrella and still there when rain. After the rain went out we moved to another place near the point I stand. Many peoples come here and I was excited with the art perform. Hopefully I can join this event next year.