YDXJ2922Rachel was having a look at the pictures

  • Location

SMSR (The High Schools of Fine Arts), Jalan PG Madukismo, Kasihan, Ngestiharjo, Kasihan, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55182, Indonesia

YDXJ2906Some kind of photography

YDXJ2907Photography corner

  • The Story

After we visited Taman Pintar, we went to SMSR to see a fine arts exhibition of the students. The theme of the exhibition was thun:der which means the movement of the girls. Every arts showed was made by women. They made this event to show that women has a place in art and people will take a look at their arts. The event was in Gallery SMSR and free entry. Altough it was free, they gave me sticker and mini-book guide which describes everything in the gallery. Lots of pictures were showed and of course it was really beautiful. From digital painting to conventional arts were fascinating in for my eyes. I believe that the students have a great potential to be a famous artists if they take this seriously and keep learning indeed.

YDXJ2914Mermaid, perhaps?

YDXJ2915Typography on woods

YDXJ2917It is digital art

YDXJ2926People blinded by media

DCIM\100MEDIAGreat guide book from the student 🙂