YDXJ2854Main room of Taman Pintar

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Jalan Panembahan Senopati No. 1-3, Gondomanan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia Story

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YDXJ2836Some old coins from world war II

YDXJ2839Philately Expo

YDXJ2853It tells the newest earthquake happened in Indonesia

YDXJ2857Kids are playing with virtual fishes

I was so tired but I have a promise to visit my friends and visiting some places. First I went Borobudur but my friend didn’t show up so I continued my ride to Yogyakarta to meet my friend, Rachel. We visited Taman Pintar firstly because we never go there even I often go to Yogyakarta and she lives there during his study. Parking lot of Taman Pintar isn’t easy to access because it’s located on the left side, out from the Taman Pintar’s area. The Philately Expo was running there so we visited it first. The expo was free and we can saw about the old collections like envelopes, documents, stamps, moneys, and more. Someone there also gave me free a letter from 1961 ! We also saw two men traded an old maps of Yogyakarta and the price was Rp. 450.000.

YDXJ2864The most favourite spot

YDXJ2875It moves and describes the process of making milk

YDXJ2885Virtual motorcycle to learn how to riding safely

YDXJ2897Rachel was posing on the front of batik

We went through the expo and bought tickets to enter the Taman Pintar. Rp 18.000 / person we must pay. In the entrance gate a T-Rex gives the visitors “greeting”. There are so many rooms in the building and I can’t explain to you one by one. Mostly stuffs are about science. Rachel said that she would be clever after visited this place. We also can try the things, not only see them. We can try like touching an electro-static ball and your hair will stand like in Mr.Bean’s film. My favourite place is the room where we can see the process about making a milk. Kids will love this place because they can learning also playing in one place. Don’t forget this place closed on Monday. Just check their website : http://www.tamanpintar.com/

YDXJ2899Arena for visitor playing traditional music instruments

YDXJ2904Cool design