ig.serayurafting (123)Fighting scene 😀

  • Location

Jujugan Serayu – Jalan Banjarnegara Km 15, Desa Randegan, Kecamatan Sigaluh, Banjarnegara, Jawa Tengah 53481, Indonesia

  • The Story

ig.serayurafting (56)Team game

It was my second time having a rafting and that time I went there with my office friends. I came early at 06.30 a.m and I was the first person who came to office. We got a cars to pick us to the start point on Jujugan Serayu. Jujugan Serayu has longer track than my first time, maybe about 15 minutes different time. I was on second boat with Bonick, Alan, Ersia (she was having a birthday) and Iza. Before we started it, we did some mini games. My team always win and got the prize. We didn’t forget to take a photo before we started. My team needed to wait for a while because the guide wasn’t ready. Rafting is dangerous but safe if we follow the instructions. Helmet and life vest is a must, even we can swim but for safety reason we need to use it. Our guide came and ready for rafting.

ig.serayurafting (28)Doing some exercise

ig.serayurafting (58)Got some instructions

ig.serayurafting (141)My team, sorry the guide is hiding

Bonick and I sat on the front, Iza and Esia on the middle, and the rest behind them. GO!!!!! We sewwed the boat and followed the instruction. It was really amazing because the water was so great and enough for this sport. Because it was Ersia’s birthday, she was being a target of all teams to drag her down onto the river. In the middle of the track we stoppod to eat some mendoan (traditional food) and coconut. On the river, we also did a games. We pulled a rope on the front of the boat and the boat spinned and finally the boat flipped.

ig.serayurafting (180)Rest area, this is the different part of Jujugan Serayu

ig.serayurafting (244)Another team looks so happy

ig.serayurafting (248)All done, we almost finished the route

After we finished, we back to Jujugan Serayu to having a meal. The rain was coming badly. We used the time to know each other and back to home after it. Was a great time to do an extreme sport and because this is not cheap, I only do it if it’s free 😛