• Location

Dieng Plateau, Banjarnegara, Central Java Province

  • The team

YDXJ2684Faizhal (me), Brata, Vicky, Samsul, and Gilang

  • How to get there

If you use your own vehicle, you can just drive it from Wonosobo to Dieng. The sign and people will help you. If you choose public transport you can use mini bus and the price depends to each driver. Maybe Rp 15.000 – Rp 25.000, not sure about this because the last time I use public transport was 5 years ago.

  • The story

October. The rain comes down everyday in this month which makes most of people choose to stay at their house rather than go outside. Neither was we. Rain or not is always good to know something new. We went to Dieng, the one of beautiful attraction in Central Java. I went there with my friends, they are Brata, Vicky, Samsul, and Gilang. We had planed it for a week and the decisions was we go there as 2 teams because Brata, Gilang, and me went there after work at 4.00 PM and Vicky had a classes in his collage and Samsul’s work finish at 9.00 PM so they went there lately. Another point was the first team hike the hill firstly and register the second team as well.

YDXJ2610Tasty foods for us

The plan was changed.  After the first team arrived at Dieng with motorcycle, we think that it was not good to leave the second team because they were just two person. As Helen Keller told that walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the night, we decided to wait them. We were hungry and gonna eat some local foods. Gilang was having a Mie Ongkok, Nasi Goreng for Brata, and Soto for me. We also met a couple of traveler ( I think they are from Germany ) visiting Dieng and ate on the table next to us. 10.00 PM, we still waited them and the restaurant was preparing to close. We moved to another shop around there and finally they came at 11.00 PM. The moon set on the sky . I registered the team to the ranger and left out motorcycle.  00.00 AM we started walking and it was very cold, the midnight hiking we had was a trouble. Brata didn’t feel right, we stopped more than we thought but luckily the rain didn’t come to make it worse. After almost 20 minutes walking we reached the camp area. We set the tents and prepared to go to sleep. That night we were the only person on the ground.

YDXJ2687Beautiful scenery

YDXJ2673The fog just looked like a cloud

YDXJ2699My friends yelled and I took a picture of them

My phone rang. I set the alarm to 5.00 AM and the other still slept while I made a cup of hot coffee and prayed. I saw another tent, maybe they came after us. My friends woke up and joined me to enjoy the sunrise. The view really amazed me. I can’t refused to take some photos, neither my friends. We had a breakfast with sandwiches, coffees and milks. Walking around after breakfast was really useful. It gave us energy. We enjoyed the view and also the fresh air.

YDXJ2751Long time ago, it was a lake

YDXJ2759My friends on the top

YDXJ2745Samsul explored the ground

Fascinating was on everywhere we stand. This place is not so popular and I haven’t told you before the name. I tell you now, it is Pangonan. The guard’s post about 150 meters from Arjuna Temple or Kailasa Museum. Mind the name and come here !

YDXJ2710Brata sat by the small lake

YDXJ2794My tent before we back to home

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