The ticket with a pamphlet

  • Location

Gembira Loka Zoo, Jl. Kebun Raya No. 2, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55171

website : http://gembiralokazoo.com/

  • The story

That was my last day in Yogyakarta and I want to visit the place which will give me some attraction of animals. Yes, a zoo. I went to Gembira Loka Zoo, the biggest zoo in Yogyakarta. Monday is the best time to go because I need to deny the crowded people so I can see the animals clearly. Gembira Loka gives you some options to explore the zoo by mini train, cycle, or just walk. First, I enter the laboratory and see some died animals and also plants. Walked about 7 minutes, I reached the first point of zoo. I can saw monkeys, elephants and more. By the way the zoo give you a map so you’ll not get lost here. I continued to fish area. I saw many small fish also big fish, Arapaima. Reptiles & Amphibians Park is the next area I visited. I saw frogs, salamanders, turtles, and more. 2 turtles are freely touch in park, the yellow one is my favorite.

 YDXJ2439Mini museum shows some died insects

YDXJ2447Orang utan’s house

YDXJ2452Fish spa therapy for visitor

YDXJ2472Reptiles area beside the fish area

YDXJ2481beware the snake !!

YDXJ2492We can touch this beautiful turtle

In the end of the park you can see some snakes and I saw a beautiful turquoise snake. I also saw a hippopotamus and tigers whilst walked to the Bird Park. Some of carnivore birds aren’t freely fly but you can enter a big cage full of beautiful birds. I was lucky to take a selfie with a peacock and shot a parrot. Don’t forget to see attractions from smart animals in the middle of the zoo. It was 11 AM when the show began. Some kids were enjoying the shows and very excited. The zoo is great but I need extra time if I want to know the detail of each animals and I didn’t have that. Animals are great !

YDXJ2535Entering the bird park

YDXJ2559was lucky took a photo of parrot

YDXJ2561The peacock was posing for me 😀

YDXJ2570Birds statue

YDXJ2595Everyone wants selfie !!

YDXJ2599Smart animal will perform here. Don’t forgent to check the schedule