YDXJ2341 The museum is below the stair

  • Location

Museum Anak Kolong Tangga, Gedung Taman Budaya 2nd floor, Jalan Sriwedani No.1 Yogyakarta

Website : http://kolongtangga.org/en/

  • The story

YDXJ2342Local toys show on the front of room

YDXJ2344 Doors are open, ready for visitor

YDXJ2345The monkey drinks a milk, he’s the guard 😛

YDXJ2349The museum’s inside

Toys are the one of the greatest gift we have and always remind me my childhood. That’s what Museum Anak Kolong Tangga wants to bring. This museum holds by organization so the ticket isn’t cheap and the money will help them to keep the museum open. The location of Museum Anak Kolong Tangga is in the room beneath the stairs. They use a small room for the museum and provide much toys from around the world especially Indonesia’s traditional toys and childish things.

YDXJ2357Do you have one of them or even know one?

YDXJ2363The cows bring cart

YDXJ2367Army men !!!

YDXJ2377It has hand puppets

Some people also give their historical toys here to support this museum. Kids will love this place but their parents need to give some attention because some of toys are untouchable because they are old. After I had looked all things I know that the museum still survive with current condition. They have small amount of visitors and they need our support to keep all things well. I hope this place can handled by government or get some support from great resources to involve the museum.

YDXJ2385Quote for your child