YDXJ2258  Entrance Gate

  • Location 

No 6, Jl. Pangurakan Yogyakarta, Gondomanan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55122

  • The journey

Museum Sonobudoyo is one of museums in Yogyakarta which located not so far from Malioboro. I left my motorcycle on Malioboro and walked to the museum. It has puppet show every night except Sunday but I was having not time for see that. I got ticket for kids because the adult was empty You can also ask a tour guide with extra money of course, that time I prefer to walk by myself. This museum full of historical stuffs. First room I can saw some Sultan’s equipments and some traditional music instruments. Next room it has some ancient things like stones and bones.

YDXJ2261Admission fee

YDXJ2262The first room shows about Sultan

YDXJ2267A skull beneath my feet

YDXJ2269An old manuscript

YDXJ2274An old Holy Quran

This museum also gives you the all characters of Javanesse puppets in a special room. Some of things described with Indonesian language and I saw a couple (international tourist) tried hard to know what the words say about. I think the museum isn’t so popular depend to my visit on Sunday but just few people visited the museum and most of them were adults. After walking around the museum we can just sit down and listening the traditional music in the entrance door. The museum is really nice but I hope more people will visit here to know more about Yogyakarta especially.

YDXJ2281Puppet’ Hall of fame

YDXJ2282Great carving from Jepara

YDXJ2295 Almost done the visit

YDXJ2302Park on the right side