DCIM\100MEDIAthe building

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Museum Sandi, Jl. Faridan M. Noto No. 21, Kotabaru, 55224, Indonesia

  • The story

Museum is a good place to spent your day. We can spent our time with knowledge and also see nice stuffs. So, in my first day of visiting Yogyakarta I decided to come to Museum Sandi (Museum of Code).

DCIM\100MEDIAregistering my name


DCIM\100MEDIAa quote on entrance

DCIM\100MEDIAan old document and bag from world war

DCIM\100MEDIAgreat diorama

DCIM\100MEDIAinside the museum

Museum Sandi located on Jl. Faridan M. Noto No. 21, Kotabaru, 55224, Indonesia . It was hard to find the museum because the name sign is to little and wasn’t eye catching. I asked 2 peoples around there and they wasn’t sure where is it. First, I went ta guard to say that I want to enter museum and then parked my motorcycle. The museum opens everyday. You don’t need to pay any because it’s totally free. You just need to register yourself on the computer. Don’t forget to take the brochure. Museum Sandi has 2 floors. I started from the bottom and entered the room one by one. Museum Sandi showed you the history of creating a code during world war 2 especially in Indonesia. We can see the old machines, dioramas, old documents, and much more.

DCIM\100MEDIAthe upstair

DCIM\100MEDIAview from highest floor

DCIM\100MEDIAmultimedia room

DCIM\100MEDIAwanna take some quizzes ? try this

DCIM\100MEDIAhall of fame

DCIM\100MEDIAmini monument to remind dr. Roebiono Kertopati

DCIM\100MEDIAThe library of Museum Sandi

Step ahead to higher floor, they shows the history of Indonesia’s code father, dr. Roebiono Kertopati. We can also try the computer or disply to know more about him. In the other room, Museum Sandi has some games for vitisors to play with. The games is really hard for beginner like a puzzle and I tried to figure the encryption code but failed. I went down and spoke to the keeper. I asked about the library. I was lucky, he brought me to the library and I enjoyed the time with reading a book !!

The museum is so quiet but the facilities and how the keeper treats me, I’d say I really love this place !