• Location

Kanigoro, Sapto Sari, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • The Journey

It was my last day in Yogyakarta and I decided to visit a beach for sure. I accompanied by Bagus, my friend who lives in Yogyakarta but actually he came from the city as I live. We both went there at 7.00 A.M  by motorcycle to the south of Yogyakarta then we thought that we had lost. Luckily, Google Navigator helped us so much during the riding. We took about 3 hours to get there and paid the retribution on the entrance gate. Ngrenehan isn’t so popular because the beach is more popular for fishing and most of people there are fisherman.

The boats set
White sandy
The green ocean
Selfie time !
The hill we were gonna hike

People there sells many kind of seafoods. You can buy it if you want and don’t forget to ask the price. The beach is quiet, nice place for relaxation. It has white sandy shores, green water, small waves, and good hills. You can also swim there but carefully with the boat. It is possible for you hit by the boat. When I was there, I saw people who did camp and on the other side some boys were fishing. We moved ourself to the hill. We gonna see the beach from the top. The day was so hot and we sweated much. Be careful with the branches and the corals, they can hurt you as they did to me. I have many scars after the hiking.

Step ahead to the top
Amazing scene
Double presents. Top and the ocean
Tried to reach the higher land but it was impossible
Wrong angle….sorry 😦

The sun set to the 90° and we went back to city. We were so regretful because didn’t have time for swimming and also forgot to bring swimsuit 😛 I suggest you to visit this soon !!! Don’t forget to swim as well. I give you a video, just check on the last.

Explored another spot
Hello Mr. Crab ! You steal my money, don’t you !
My silly face