Enterance gate

  • Location

Jl. Boyong KM 25, West Kaliurang, Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • The Story

Ullen Sentalu is the best museum in Indonesia based on Trip Advisor’s site. Located in the north of Merapi Mountain Museum, made it easy to access by personal transportation. I was riding there with my sister, Peggy and we took about 1 hour riding. If you don’t know exactly the place is, you can use Google Navigator to bring you there. After parked my motor we bought the ticket for us and it was Rp 30.000/person. We must waited for 10 minutes for the next group. You’ll guided by someone there and she will tell you everything, inch-to-inch about the museum if you go there. All staffs are so friendly and warm, you’ll get a good sense. Tari was our tour guide that day. She so energetic, smart, beauty, and smiley person.

Waiting room with friendly staff

I give you a video from Museum Yogyakarta about Ullen Sentalu due the prohibited rule to take photos and videos


Ullen Sentalu held by a person, it isn’t a government museum and you can’t take a photo inside the museum, but don’t worry they give you some places to take some photos. We went downstairs. First room is full of photos and arts (sorry I can’t tell you more due the lack of my memory). Many pictures showed there about the history and step ahead we go up to the second area. You’ll have more history about Gusti Raden Ayu Siti Nurul Kamaril Ngasarati Kusumawardhani or populer with Gusti Noeroel, the woman who rejected proposal from Ir. Soekarno (the first Indonesia President), Sultan Sjahrir, and Sri Sultan HB IX. On the rest area we got secret traditional herb from Gusti Nurul which believed give us young and fresh look as beauty as her.

Place for taking some photos
Oh, I want to take a photo too, please
Build with stone from Merapi Mountain
I love trees
I called it ‘blumbang’ 😀
People take a rest after the tour

After explored all parts, Tari leaved us with happiness and great experience. Before go out you can buy something on boutique or taste the food on restaurant in second floor. So the day was amazing and I forgot to take a photo with Tari, our beloved guide…..hahaha 😀

Took a photo with her
The exit way
Shortcut but closed for tourist
The boutique and the restaurant on the top
The boutique
She was taking a rest
About relationship with Chinnese Ministry
Last photo. See you later Miss Tari 🙂