The savannah

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Dieng, Banjarnegara – Central Java

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Matthias arrived in Banjarnegara on Saturday then he stayed in my home. The journey started the next day. We went to Dieng early morning then we arrived at 8.00 AM. First place we visited is the sight tower then we continued to Dieng Plateau. I parked my motorcycle then we visit the temple called Candi Arjuna. We walked around the temple area also took some photos. The ticket price for domestic tourist was Rp. 10.000 and for international tourist was Rp.25.000 including ticket entrance to Sikidang Crater. Indeed, we visited Sikidang crater after the temple. Sikunir was our next step, the best place to see sunrise. Because we was hungry so we bought some Bakso Tusuk and ate them, but we unlucky for that day because the fog was coming and hiding all the sight. So we went down took my motorcycle and headed to Dieng Theater. We didn’t visit Dieng Theater but wanted to see Telaga Warna from the top hill. Yes, the view so amazing and we should buy the ticket before go to the top. We went down and decided to eat lunch afterward.

In the front of temple
That’s me 🙂
view from corner
near Sikidang crater
view of Telaga Cebong
Sikidang Crater
Telaga Warna’s view from top
Selfie time 😀

It was time for hiking ! We went to Mount Pangonan to see the savannah. It just took 15 minutes (maybe) to get the savannah. Purely beautiful ! I hope one day can do a camp there. Our last destination was Dringo Lake, the highest lake in Dieng. The road was very unpleasant, hard to use, stones everywhere and sometimes Matthias must walked because my motorcycle didn’t make it. Before the lake, we visited the another crater. This one is smaller than the first. The fog came and it was not possible to walk around the lake. We finished that day and went back to my home.

Savannah in Pangonan
Another spot
Another selfie 😛
The fog came
from top
was going back home