Sonia and his friend see the painting

  • The Story

Yogyakarta, a special place. I met some new friends there including this moment. I went to Yogyakarta from my city to met Sonia and his friend. They are from Singapore and landed 2 days before. On his third day we went to Taman Sari, an epic old place. The day was hot and we guided by a man there (I think he is the officer/guide). We explored deeply, saw a batik shop, visit a woman who made a batik, and a man made a Wayang Kulit. I was a bit shy to talk with Sonia, because it was a first time for me to met a woman haha. The guide made me inconvenient, he walked fast and near the end of trip he smoked between us. Unpleasant. Maybe he was tired on that day but don’t make it a reason.

The guide showed us the pool
Amazing view
Another shot
Batik corner
The woman was making a batik

Next destination is The Palace, just some minutes by walk. Not all of the Palace is open freely for public, but the palace still gives you the best. We can learn history of Yogyakarta and saw so many historical stuffs. Some places doesn’t give you an English description so ask the guard is the better option, they will help you. The guardian uses traditional uniform and doesn’t look like a guard. On the midday the sky went greyer. We all know January is a rainy season so all of us brought an umbrella. After the museum we went to eat and Sonia decided to go to Bale Raos. Because I was on diet for carbohidrat I just eat a bit. The day almost over for me. I leave them in a shop near the palace at 03.00 pm. Hopefully I can meet again and doing more. Go with them really fascinating!!

Entrance gate
The skies darker
Gamelan, our traditional music instrument
Front view
Going to museum
Painting of the princess
Have lunch in Bale Resto
Walk down the city