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Masjid Gedhe Kauman & Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta

  • The Story

That day I went to Yogyakarta to meet Toz, moslem from London and my new friends Wawan and Dea from UGM. As usually I ride my motorcycle to Yogyakarta. It was rainy day and I arrived at 7.30 pm. Toz, Dea, and Wawan had wait me in Masjid Gedhe, Kauman. I really tired so I didn’t speak much. I really enjoyed when Toz shared his experience about travelling. Toz also expert in computer and network and we have same interest. I told Toz about mikrotik and I surprised that mikrotik isn’t popular there. Toz works for Guardian Post and I know he is smart person and I lucky to meet him. Toz also tried traditional drink called Wedang Ronde. Made by ginger with some Kolang-kaling fruits and breads. He said that he tried something likes that in Bandung and I know that but we called it Bandrek. Bandrek and Wedang Ronde aren’t same at all but both are made by ginger. Wawan leaved us because he had another appointment and we went to Malioboro after that. We walked around Malioboro, saw Taman Pintar and many things. It was late night and Toz back to his homestay. Dea and me also went to our bussiness. I finally slept at 1 am and ready for tomorrow plan.

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Kauman in night
The place we used to talk
Counting the price
Charity event from UIN Sunan Kalijaga
Selfie with Dea and Toz in Malioboro
Last photo of that day 🙂