It isn’t sandy shore 🙂

It was the last day in Mt. Sumbing, you can read and also comment our first day story here : Mt. Sumbing : First Step

  •  The Journey
Moon in the morning

The alarm rang and it was 2 A.M. We prepared ourselves to get ready for summit. We leaved our tent and brought a few things like camera, water, snack, and more. After we locked our tent we started to walk through the dark and the weapon we had were flashlight. The track seemed harder and rocky. Sometime we did “mini rock climbing” 😀 watch your step ! The some rocks are slippery. We’ll find another camp area along the way but it’s smaller.

Rohman sit in the big rock
Give me your camera !
Morning in summit
I don’t want to fall
Selfie 😀

The sun rised and we gotta reach the summit. Took a bit rest and felt the shine of the sun was so perfect and warm with magnificent view of Mt. Sindoro and the fog sea beneath it. The top of Sumbing is full of big rocks and cliffs but you can go down to the died crater. We took some photos, ate chocolates, and sometimes our phones got signal but not so good.

The track to crater
Looked like New Zealand?
Walked to crater
It has white sand !
Big rock over there

We went to crater at 7 A.M and the track hard to find. The track is narrow and located between rocks so you’ll need time to figure it. The scene was amazing from the bottom ! Like a valley and we see a tree stand alone in center of it. We did many things there, I really want to stay there more.

Packed our things
Rested in first check point
Beautiful scene along the way

We went down before the sun in the top of us. Be careful when go down because the lands are so slippy and I had been a victim of that. I walked so fast and didn’t see a rod, BLARR !! I hit that, the branch broke and my leg felt hurt and made a small wound. I took a rest a bit and continued after that. Luck for me, I didn’t get serious injury. We packed out tents and bags, cleaned the trash and ready to back to basecamp. The steps was really fast. Finally we arrived in basecamp and told the guard that we back safely. The journey ended and we ate together in a cozy restaurant in Kledung Pass (my brother paid all 😛 thanks ! ).

See you next journey !!