View of Mount Sumbing

  •  Location

Mt. Sumbing – 3.371 meters above sea level. Wonosobo – Central Java.

  • The Team


Rizal, Yudhi, Me, and Rochman.

  • Story of Sindoro

The higest mountain in Java below Semeru and Slamet.  Some sources tell it was erupted in 1730 and created a small crater at the summit. 3 districts has it, they are Wonosobo, Temanggung, and Magelang. People says Mt. Sumbing and Mt. Sindoro is a family.

  • The Journey
Map of Mt. Sumbing route via Garung
Cloudy day

The day was so cloudy. I went to Sumbing with my brother early morning. Sumbing is about 3 hours by motorcycle and we took some shortcuts to save more time. First, we want to meet Yudi and Rochman in Kledung near the Sindoro’s basecamp. Our team was four and each person had a big backpack. After that, we went to basecamp to register. The basecamp doesn’t far from Kledung Pass, perhaps just 3 minutes. We parked our motorcycles and meet another hiker there. It was a long holiday and many peoples came to Sumbing. After we got the permit, we prayed and started the hiking. The retribution was Rp.45.0000 included park area for 3 motorcycles and trash bag. My question : why the insurance was not included?

The track next to basecamp
Intersection, we can use the new or the old one
Rest for a while
We met some farmers here
getting harder
The first check point on sight
Rested on first check point

We saw the map and saw the first check point almost the half of the track. I was thinking the track will as same as Sindoro but it wasn’t. The track more difficult from first step we walked. Sumbing has 2 tracks, the old and the new. The ones will meet on third check point, we decided to take the old. The new track isn’t so popular, just few team took that way. The sun made it more hard, it burned us and we took a rest often than usually. If you want a faster way to go to first check point you can use Ojek (motorcycle transportation with some modification, looks like a motocross) with only Rp.25.000. We left the basecamp at 08.20 A.M and reach the first check point at 10.25 A.M. We took a rest for a hour, we really tired.

Trees helped us from hot temperature
Rest area near second check point
Preparing for hard track
Walked slowly
Amazing cloud
Me with beautiful background
Sunset !! 😀
Let’s cook ! We cooked with our taste

Our next check point looks near the first, but the way harder and started from here the way was slippery road. We walked slowly to keep away ourselves from bad dehydration. The trees kept us from the sunshine and made it a bit easier. We reach the second check point. We didn’t stop so long there and turn to third faster. After the “crazy” hill (engkol-engkolan) we got the third check point and prayed there. Some hikers build a tents here. We step along higher and built 2 tents before Pestan at 04.30 P.M. After all tents ready we cooked for dinner. The scenery was great with a beautiful sunset ! The night came and we slept at 8 P.M. We ready for summit !

That’s my first day of amazing Sumbing.

Wait for the next story on last day in Mt. Sumbing ! 🙂 I’ll write it asap.

The Last Day is here : Mt. Sumbing : Summit Day