Gunung Pakuwaja tahun 1938 (courtesy Tropenmuseum NL)Mt. Pakuwaja, 1938 (courtesy Tropenmuseum NL)

  • Location

Mt. Pakuwaja – 2395 meters above sea level.
Dieng – Wonosobo City – Central Java Province : Indonesia

  • The Team

Ahmad, Fadli, Elang, Bagus, Didi, and of course myself.

  • Story of Pakuwaja

Pakuwaja is one of the small mountain in Dieng. Located in north of Sikunir – Dieng and next of Mount Kendil. Dieng accent call it “pakuwojo” which means the nail of Java island, because in the central of the mountain we can see the great rock. Dieng resident believe that is a nail and around the rock, you can see waterless lake – people says the water has fallen to Cebong Lake. Cebong Lake located not far from there.

  • The Journey


We went to Dieng by motorcycle in 2 hours. The hiking station looks like resident’s house. We started the hiking at 8 p.m and two guides guided us to 1st point because the pathway not so good and the guide line and sign is less. We didn’t have a maps too.
The pathway not so hard for beginner but the guides walked so fast and we can’t did like that. They are so strong and full of experience. We often asked for rest to them and the way harder than before. We reached the 1st point and they leaved us, the two strong guides !
We started again and sky so beautiful with starlight. We reached 2nd point and on the way we heard sound of dogs from another place, that made us fear. We decided to walk faster and keep standby. Some of us brought a wood for security. The way harder and so much weed around the way. 10.30 p.m we reached the top. We built 3 tents, each tent for 2 persons and make a circle. I saw a mouse trying stole our food so we made a fire. It was so cold, we made ginger and coffee also some noodles. We slept after that.


We woke up early for the sunrise and so lucky we was. The shine was beautiful and the sky was clear enough. We took some photos, drank a coffee and the time showed 7 a.m so we decided to packing and go down. Along the way we found tunnel of love (I don’t know why people named it like that) and some farmer ready for their activity. We backed safely and our journey in Mt. Pakuwaja has ended.

  • Photos story
kalderaprau 2011
Beautiful Pakuwaja (courtesy Kalderaprau) – 2011
The checkpoint, we can see Mt. Sikunir from here.
The tunnel of love. Made by nature
Rest in first checkpoint. We can see some farmers in their field
The only way to the top
The sign that we have reached the top !
The beautiful sunrise