.Mt. Sindoro – 2014

  • Location

Mt. Sindoro – 3136  meters above sea level. Temanggung – Central Java Province : Indonesia

  • The Team

Me, Ahmad, Fadli, Elang, Bagus, Rizal.

  • Story of Sindoro

Mount Sindara, Mount Sindoro or Mount Sundoro is an active stratovolcano in Central Java, Indonesia. Parasitic craters and cones are found in the northwest-southern flanks; the largest is called Kembang. A small lava dome occupies the volcano’s summit. Historical eruptions have been mostly mild-to-moderat (wikipedia)

  • The Journey

This day was a sunny day and ready for hiking the mountain. The hiking post opened and we register ourselves. After we made a pray and check all stuff we started the journey. We walked through settlement and we had a map but it doesn’t help us so much. I tried to ask the direction to farmer then. After the settlement we walked in stone path way and it was so hot and long way. Sometimes we stop to drank and took a rest. The end of the pathway is first check point and start from there we walked in forest full of trees so it will not as hot as before. You’ll get a fresh air here and after 1 hour we reached the second check point. You can rest there because someone made tree trunks to be chairs. The way harder now. Sometimes we confused about the way because there was no a sign, lucky for us we met another hiker who knows the terrain. We arrived at third check point and this is the best place for build a tent. We build a tent near the bush because we hope that can block the night breeze. Another team also followed us so there was 2 tents around us. We made a fire and had a dinner before something run among us. It was a fork! We surprised and another hikers came to our place and help us. The hiker who followed us to built the tent there hit by the fork. Lucky for him, he didn’t get any hurt. We moved to an open land for safety. We can slept well and ready for tomorrow.

Clock showed 2.00 a.m and we ready to move. Each of us brought a light because the way harder and we much climb sometime. We decided to brought our bag because I read in some history that some hiker stolen another stuff and bag. More higher more colder and our water lesser, we must prepare water for drink because we didn’t find any water in that mountain. The summer made the land full of dust,we used masker or something and we walked slowly. We reached the last check point called “Batu Tatah” with a big rock. We can saw a beautiful view there if the fog disappeared from us and we knew we can see the sunrise from top because the sun was set when we got the top. We got the top finally and the guard told to us to enter the top at 7 a.m. Sometimes the crater make a poisonous smoke, that’s why 7 a.m is the best time for us. As usually we took some photos and turn down after that before the sun getting hotter. We arrived safely and report to hiking post. Our journey in Mt. Sindoro was ended.

  •  Photos Story
Hiking Post. We left our motorcycle and registered ourself here.
The team : Left to right – Rizal, Bagus, Elang, Ahmad, Fadli, me.
First step to first check point.
The little forest after first check point.
The second check point. Favorite check point.
We almost reached the camp area. Took a rest because the way full of rock and so tired.
The camp area which attacked by forks. We moved higher then.
Night hiked. Prepared and picked up all things.
Really tired and sleepy.
The sunrise with fog near Batu Tatah.
Edelweiss area. The top in front of us.
Welcome to Sindoro !
Team photo with national flag !
Another photo with Mt. Sumbing in the background.
I really love the moment like this.
Down the mountain and fog came again.
Mt. Sumbing’s view from Sindoro.
Full of dust, rocks and slippery.

  • Bonus
Maps of Sindoro Track – courtesy : catatanhariankeong