PANO_20140907_070131  Dringo Lake – 2014

  • Location

Dringo – 2.222 meters above sea level.

Batur, Banjarnegara – Central Java – Indonesia.

  • The Team

Ahmad, Elang, Bagus, and myself.

  • Story of Dringo

Dringo is former of volcanoes in 1786 which is a dry crater and rise some spring around it. The name picked up from the plants called Dringo which grow up there naturally. Motorcycle can reach it hardly because the way was terrible, full of stone. It’s better if you put your vehicle and walk from the settlement.

  • The Journey

As usually we went there from Banjarnegara in the afternoon. We didn’t know the location so well because the place still hard to reach by people. We arrived in Dieng at 8 p.m, bought a drink and prepare to find the place. There is no sign to guide where is Dringo and we searched it by internet and some articles. 10 p.m we still searched the location until we lost and we found a graveyard. 11 p.m we’ve been so tired and almost gave up. We known our fault, in T-junction we must take left not the right ! (I hope today someone have marked the way). Not far from the t-junction we can see the lake in left side and find a pathway to enter it (it’s nature, there is no gate). We parked the motorcycle beside the tent and made a fire. I really enjoyed the night ! It was a lonely night with stars in the sky.   The sunrise is not so good there. I decide to walk around the lake and take so much fresh air. I really hope the government see this lake and build a good facilities like a sign and good street. After we took some photos we back to home.

  • Photos Story
The gate to go there, we also can see Candradimuka Crater in the right side. I didn’t took a photo of that
Sunrise in Dringo
Small hill around the lake
Dringo in rainy season
Dringo’s camp area
Me on the hill
Unique tree ! It just one tree in camp area
Dringo view from the top