Mt. Prau (courtesy infopendaki)

  • Location

Mt. Prau – 2565 meters above sea level

Dieng – Wonosobo City – Central Java Province : Indonesia

  • The Team

Ahmad, Fadli, Elang, Bagus, Rizal, and of course myself.

  • Story of Prau

Prau (english : ship) located in Dieng and we can reach it by motorcycle or car. The hiking station is located in Patak Banteng. It’s not a high mountain because we start hike from 1700 MASL. If you just want to see the sunrise you can start hiking at 02.00 a.m and don’t forget register yourself.

  • The journey

We heard about a beautiful mountain called Mt. Prau in Dieng and that day we had ready in hiking station. Ahmad register our team and leave our motorcycle there. We started the journey at 1 p.m. First, we walked around field and the way getting up. If we met farmers give them way first because they brought a heavy thing, the farmers also use trail motor but not all of them do that.We sat in first checkpoint for drink and its the end of the path step.

Started from this the way was land and narrow. We walked like ant and sometimes we also used our hand to grab and hold something. The way not so hard but it will slippery when rain. Rain down and we decided to stop for while. After that we faced a small hill and we must careful. After 2 hour we reached the top and looked for camp area. We waited the night, build a fire and poor us, the rain came and all of us back to the tent and sleep.

In the morning we almost gave up for the sunrise because the fog so bold. Finally we lost that but the view still great, we can saw 4 Mounts from here !

  • Photos Story
First step after registration
The way after first checkpoint. You should give a way from another hiker or farmer
Patak Banteng view’s
Slippery way, sometimes I used my hands.
The way after the third checkpoint.
Little forest, we almost reached the top.
The top was in front !
The “Teletubbies hill” area camp
Camp area
Borderline of Wonosobo and Kendal
Mt. Sindoro and Mt. Sumbing !